7 Sachen – Sonntag #7

Today I share my 7 things with my cat, who got his own facebook page today. 7 things I did with my hands/my paws today. Based on Frau Liebe

As my cat is a british shorthair, this post will be completely in english.

Black tea with lemon, yummy.

c360_2013-01-04-18-32-42 c360_2013-01-04-18-36-10

Finally had the courage to do the light-bulb-vase. 


Coffee in favour to my master.


Just once my dear mum didn’t have to cook for the family.


Had a funny time with my guild-mates! Me: second from right side. 


And here are the 2 things Guinnes made with his paws: 

Cushioned my head on the paws for a catnap.


Touched the catfood-bag (;


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