welcome to my blog!


my name is honey and i am in the prime of life.

as the most young people i have been changing a lot over the last 10 years and it made me think how fast this is all going. i don’t want to miss a thing recognizing when i’m changing and i want to be able to consider if this change is a good one or a bad one. besides in a few years it would be absolutely awesome to recap my life (when i was young)  ( :

in addition i’m really doing a lot to keep myself happy by crafting, taking photos, upcycling etc. everything that makes mi feel free and precious. a person who loves his/herself is a great person and a valuable friend, for sure.

how would i describe myself? well…i’m in my mid-twenties, married (happily), having two absolutely insane cats and working as a theatre nurse in hospital. i like crafting as i mentioned i.e. upcycling everything i can find at home (or even friends homes), sewing clothes and changing my default clothes into something special, knitting and crochetting as well, i’m doing a lot of home decor and seasonal decor, i’m playing the piano and am a proud owner of an electric bass (i really can play one song). i like cooking, although i don’t have as much time to do so as i would like to have. and of couse blogging! if i would have to pick one word it is “weired”. ask my friends, they will tell you the same ( ;

so just have a look through my page and stay if you like…

love, honey

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